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COVID - 19

Coronavirus Disinfection Treatment

Here at Allpest, we supply various pieces of equipment suitable for disinfecting areas large and small in the fight against COVID - 19. Some of our chemical applicators can and are being used to treat large and small workplaces with disinfectant products providing a resultant dry fog without leaving a wet residue on surfaces treated which is desired among businesses.

Fog vs Mist

What's the difference between a Fog Application and a Mist Application? A fog is determined as Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) as it has a smaller droplet size being lighter and therefore having the ability to float for a longer period of time within an area, this can either be applied by a hot (thermal) or cold fogging machine and will achieve the same droplet size from either approach with the only advantage to a hot fogger being that it is able to apply a greater quantity of product considerably faster for mass disinfection. Cold fogging machines are generally left in a room to apply a product with little supervision enabling the operator to carry out other jobs. A Dry Fog can be achieved in confined areas easier with a ULV application resulting in little to no residue of the product left on surfaces, this enables treatment around electrical appliances providing the product is suitable and the manufacture dosage recommendations are followed.

A mist application is associated with Low Volume (LV) having a larger droplet size on average opposed to a fog, however this can treat a direct surface area prioritising hot spots within a room. Misting is also far better at treating areas outdoors opposed to a fog due to minimal drift (from a larger droplet) and waste of the product. Mist applications can be applied using Mistblowers, Knapsack Sprayers, Compression Sprayers and Electric Low Volume Applicators.

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Disinfecting Small Workplaces

Allpest recommend small electric portable disinfectant applicators for treating areas such as office rooms, wash/changing rooms, living areas and anywhere with access to an electric 240V socket.


Our choice for these types of applications is the Pestworker PW35 which can apply disinfectant down to a particle size of 5 - 50 µm.

Disinfecting Care Homes and Hospitals

Allpest recommend a portable electric appliance that can treat large and small areas from a fixed position automatically from either a 110V socket or 240V.

Our choice for these types of applications would be the Fontan Starlet which can apply disinfectant down to a particle size of 25 - 35 µm in ULV mode, this can treat a floor area up to 500 m². For corrosive disinfectants containing Hydrogen Peroxide for example the Fontan Starlet Stainless Steel would be the appropriate applicator for the job having all components in contact with the product made of Stainless Steel.

Disinfecting Large Workplaces (Fuel)

Allpest recommend a Thermal Fogging applicator to treat large indoor areas, a fuel driven device would be the most effective at covering a large area as well as being portable.

Our choice is the Swingfog SN50 which can apply 10 - 42 Ltr/h in the form of a hot fog with an average droplet size of 15 - 25 µm at 20.5 Ltr/h covering a volume up to 2000 m³ at a fixed position with a horizontal fog distance of 40 m. For a larger open area, the SN81 machine is double the power halving treatment time if appropriate. Both these machines are also capable of processing corrosive disinfectants.

Disinfecting Large Workplaces (Electric)

Allpest recommend a ULV applicator to treat large indoor areas up to a floor area of 2400 m² limited to electric power sources only.

Our choice is the Fontan Compactstar which can apply disinfectant down to a particle size of 25 - 35 µm in ULV mode. This unit has all components in contact with the product made of Stainless Steel to allow the usage of corrosive disinfectants such as Hydrogen Peroxide.

Disinfecting Large Outdoor Areas

Allpest recommend the most powerful applicator, the Fontan Mobilstar.

This machine can apply product up to 50 Ltr/h at an average droplet size of 30 µm in ULV mode or up to 100 Ltr/h at a droplet size of 40 µm in ULV Plus mode.

This fuel driven vehicle mounted applicator can apply disinfectants at a large quantity either from ground level or gantry level with no impact in output performance. The machine can be supplied with a 12.5 m (or longer) flexi hose to fix spray heads in overhead positions.

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