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Grain Store Fogging

Grain Store Fogging

Allpest Equipment Services carry out Fogging Treatments within Grain Stores with the use of Thermal Fogging Machines to disinfect the building prior to the new harvest. Various Pesticides being either water or oil based can be applied in a fine Ultra Low-Volume (ULV) droplet giving a dry fog as a result. 

Various Grain Store sizes can be treated using a range of our Thermal Fogging Machines to cut down on treatment time from small buildings to very large open as well as crowed spaces. A Thermal Fog offers an even coverage with the same effect as a Cold ULV Fog yet significantly cutting down on the treatment time.

This method of cleaning Grain Stores is primarily suited but not limited to sheds that can be sealed to a suitable standard where Fog cannot leave to allow for it to circulate and fill a room over a period of time for the best effects.

For further information about our Fogging Treatments, please contact us


Grain Store Surface Cleaning

Another service Allpest carry out is treating surfaces of grain stores using Surface Sprayers. Pesticides can be directly applied to target areas such as the fabric of the building using our Petrol driven Backpack Mist Blowers using a fraction of the time. 

These machines can reach up to 16 meters vertically and can be used when there is stock inside the building if it is suitably covered over.

A Low Volume output can be applied using these standard sprayers or powder treatment methods can be achieved with a conversion kit.

For further information about our Fogging Treatments, please contact us

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