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Waste Management Fogging

Indoor Waste Management Fogging

Allpest Equipment Services carry out Fogging Treatments within Waste Management Sites with the use of Thermal or Cold ULV Fogging Machines to disinfect the building. Various Pesticides being either water or oil based can be applied in a fine Ultra Low-Volume (ULV) droplet giving a dry fog as a result. 

Different sized Waste Sites can be treated using a range of our Thermal Fogging Machines to cut down on treatment time from small buildings to very large open as well as crowed spaces. A Fontan Mobilstar Cold Fogging Machine is also available with a conversion kit to enable buildings to be treated from outside especially when full with no access possible from ground level. ULV treatments using Thermal and Cold Fogging equipment produce excellent results plus with the cold fog application ULV plus and LV options are possible with both fogging methods being cost effective.

This method of cleaning Waste Sites is primarily suited but not limited to sheds that can be sealed to a suitable standard where Fog cannot leave to allow for it to circulate and fill a room over a period of time for the best effects.

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Paper Waste

Outdoor Waste Surface Spraying

Fly and odour problems are also common in outdoor Waste Management Sites, therefore an affective treatment is surface spraying using a Backpack Mist Blower to target specific areas applying a product in a low volume output (LV). This is especially beneficial to control drifting product containing it within the target area, with the Mist Blower providing a 14 - 16m throw of product, many areas are able to be treated in a cost effective time.

These Mist Blowers can also be used indoors in large waste halls to combat fly and odour control.

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