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Training & Demonstrations


Allpest Equipment Services provides an on-site or workshop demonstration for the popular products that we stock such as the cold or thermal fogging equipment range, we can also offer advice on treatment techniques, health and safety and machine operation. 

For on-site demonstrations, a fog enhancer additive is applied to provide a thick fog making the output visible to the user to highlight the area which a fogging machine can treat as most most disinfectants are water based which offers poor visibility.

Fogger in use.jpg

Machine Training

Allpest also offers training services on the products advertised on our website together with general fogging equipment. This service includes the calibration of the machine, working out dosage rates of products for given areas, following health and safety protocols, the operators routine maintenance and tips on the best working practice.

We also offer a Certificate of Competence to trainees following the completion of a general training course covering all aspects.

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