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Fontan Mobilstar

Fontan Mobilstar



The Fontan Mobilstar is a Vehicle moutable ULV aerosil applicator.

The Fontan Mobilstar is equipped with:

  • a 16-18 hp four-stroke engine with electrical starter (also fitted with a manual backup starter)
  • a fuel tank with a capacity of 20 l and level indicator
  • a dry running side channel compressor
  • Two universally adjustable spraying heads
  • A control panel/remote control for operatin gall function sof the applicator
  • A flushing tank for automatic cleaning of the feed lines and spraying heads.


There are a number of models:

Model M

  • Flow rate setting (liter per hour)
  • Interchangeable dosage nozzles with specific flow rates
  • Delivery of the spraying liquid is achieved by a positive pressure in the spraying tank


Model E

  • Flow rate is entered, via buttons, on the control panel/remote control and shown on the display
  • Delivery of the spraying liquid is achieved by a chemical resistant stainless steel gear pump which draws the spraying liquid from the spraying tank.  The output qualntity can be calibrated electronically


Model EK

  • This comes with a 12.5 m extension flexi-hose fitted with a single rear entry spray head.
  • Applications can be carried out externally through positioning the spray head inside air vents or windows etc... A tripod also comes as standard to offer greater accessibility for many applications.
  • Disinfection can be carried out using this system as the machine internals are suitable to withstand aggressive compounds used.



Optional Accessories for all models include a heavy duty dry batter, 12 V, 36Ah.  

Model E and ER have the option of spraying taks equipped with level indicator, big filling opening vents, drainage aperture, mounting and quick release coupling to connect the chemical line - stainless steel (69 l) and Polypropelene (80l, 150l 300l and 500l).

Model M has additional dozage nozzles on special request and an hour meter.


General areas of use are -

  • Warehouse,
  • Agriculture (Grain Store, Potato Stores with K Kit),
  • Factory,
  • Greenhouse,
  • Sewer System,
  • Waste Recycling Centre,
  • Extensions and Roof Spaces


Technical Features -

Motor Optional 16 HP or 18 HP
Cubic Capacity 480 cm³ (16 HP) | 570 cm³ (18 HP)
Power 11760 W (16 HP) | 13240 kW (18 HP)
Speed 3000 RPM
Starter Electric (Additional Manual Recoil Starter)
Battery 12 V/36 Ah Dry Cell Battery (Optional)
Petrol Tank 20 Ltr with Suction Set and Level Indicator
Petrol Consumption 4 Ltr/h
Rinsing Tank 5 Ltr Polyethylene
ULV Mode Output 5 Ltr/h - 50 Ltr/h (Droplet Size < 30 μm)
ULV - Plus Mode Output 51 Ltr/h - 100 Ltr/h (Droplet Size < 40 μm)
LV Mode Output 5 Ltr/h - 100 Ltr/h (Droplet Size 75 - 100 μm)
Dimensions 87 x 75 x 95 cm (Without Chemical Tank)
Weight (Empty)

135 kg (Mobilstar M inc 69 Ltr Chemical Tank)

127 kg (Mobilstar E without Chemical Tank)

127 kg (Mobilstar ER without Chemical Tank)

139 kg (Mobilstar EK without Chemical Tank)


This product from new comes with a 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty carried out by Allpest Equipment Services
Prices in Euros available on Request

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