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Whitefog Mini ULV

Whitefog Mini ULV

SKU: 100900




This product is manufactured in compliance with the criteria of the World Health Organization.


The Electric Portable ULV fogger machine is used for disinfection and sterilization purposes. It is a great tool for fighting against the Covid-19 virus, the world’s actual agenda.  It has the property of an insecticide fogger and is a great machine for fighting against contagious diseases, in addition to mature bugs such as mosquitos and houseflies.


The Mini ULV model performs spraying with a droplet diameter of 20µm. This extremely small micron diameter ensures superior success in the disinfection application. Therefore, sprayed particles have a higher chance of coming in contact with and eliminating the virus.


You can support the fight with the coronavirus in your country with the Electric Portable ULV Cold fogger.


Our disinfection devices are used in the fight with viruses all over the world. Since the electric portable ULV Cold fogger is a mini ULV model, it is an economic, highly preferred model. The Health Ministries of many countries are using disinfecting fogging machines of WhiteFog brand to fight against the virus all around the world.


China as the epicenter of the virus took the necessary measures to fight with the Covid19 before other countries. It controlled and stopped the spreading of the virus thanks to the help of the use of portable ULV fogging machines.


General areas of use are -

  • Houses,
  • Holiday Home,
  • Caravan,
  • Vehicle Disinfection,
  • Small Public Areas,
  • Small Public Transport


Technical Features -

Power Source Electrical
Voltage 220V - 240V (50 Hz)
Power Rating 2000 W
Tank 5 Ltr Polyethylene
Control Manuel Valve
Cable Length 3 m
Droplet Size 20µm – 50µm
Weight  6 Kg
Dimensions 45 x 12 x 40 cm
This product from new comes with a 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty carried out by Allpest Equipment Services
Prices in Euros available on Request

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