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Swingfog High Performance Tube

Swingfog High Performance Tube




The High Performance fog tube, which was specially developed for fogging water-based fog liquids, it is available for all Swingfog models.

The High - Performance fogging tube allows high spray outputs even with water-based fog liquids, and that in conjunction with an outstanding, homogeneous droplet spectrum.

This combination of a good droplet quality and high spray outputs is unrivalled by all other thermal fog generators on the world market.


Technical Data -

Swingfog SN50

23.5 Ltr/h with 1.1 Nozzle (Recommended)

27.0 Ltr/h with 1.2 Nozzle (Recommended)

32.0 Ltr/h with 1.4 Nozzle

Swingfog SN81

Swingfog SN81 Pump

39.0 Ltr/h with 1.4 Nozzle (Recommended)

52.0 Ltr/h with 1.7 Nozzle (Recommended)

62.0 Ltr/h with 1.9 Nozzle

Swingfog SN101 M

Swingfog SN101 E

50 Ltr/h with 1.6 Nozzle (Recommended)

67.0 Ltr/h with 1.9 Nozzle

Swingfog 101 Pump

48.0 Ltr/h with 1.4 Nozzle (Recommended)

69.0 Ltr/h with 1.7 Nozzle


This product from new comes with a 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty carried out by Allpest Equipment Services
Prices in Euros available on Request

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