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Dal Degan AGRI

Dal Degan AGRI




Dal Degan AGRI

Professional hose reel trolley in painted metal
Pneumatic wheels
GP DL218 motor-pump with electric or two strokes engines
Equipped with 100 mt 20 bar delivery hose, 2 mt sucking hose, 2 mt
delivery hose, sucking filter and 60 cm. lance high pressure

Technical Features -

Pump Type

DL218 Brass Regualtor & Manometer (AGRI)

Chemical Tank Size

Pump Variant

Engine Type

Miscela 2T 2 HP


100 m


High Pressure Lance

Weight (Empty)

32 Kg


80 x 60 x 80 cm


This product from new comes with a 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty carried out by Allpest Equipment Services
Prices in Euros available on Request

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