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Cifarelli V1200

Cifarelli V1200

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The machine is endowed with a handlebar for the left hand (brush cutter type) for more comfort in collecting operations. The tube supporting the handlebar and the command handle, divided into two parts, is completely adjustable (length, height, inclination). The command handle, endowed with a steady throttle lever, is completely adjustable both in its position and inclination.


The new backrest has a curved shape and a wide and soft cushion, designed to adapt to the shape of the back. A new anodized aluminium frame that resists corrosion and lighter. A 30% reduction of the vibrations transmitted to the operator.


The new suction hose, with a larger diameter, is flexible throughout its length to be more handier. The suction hose is connected to the machine and to the terminal with a quick coupling.


On the top of the machine there is an handle grip to facilitate the starting operations. It has been introduced a new cushioned handle to absorb the backpressure of the piston during the starting phase and to avoid the knocking that reflects on the starter rope at the shutdown


The tank, in addition to the increased capacity (up to 2 liters), has the nozzle in vertical to facilitate refuelling.


New command, easier to activate, for opening and closing the cover of the collection tank. The new cover on the bottom of the collection tank, has a snap lock. There also has two sidewalls driving the collected product during discharge.


The new conveyor consists of two removable parts made of reinforced material (it is no longer a single piece). Inside it, there is a strip ofabrasive material that can be easily replaced in case of wear. The conveyor is equipped with a rapid coupling for hoses (water) for its cleaning


New internal deviator that improves the selection between product (fruits) and waste (leaves, twigs, etc.).


Version V1200EN

Designed to collect larger fruit, the V1200EN has a 100mm diameter suction hose.


V1200 E Suction Hose Diameter (75 mm)
V1200 EN Suction Hose Diameter (100 mm)


The muffler is higher performing -

  • Improved acoustic comfort with the introduction of the new muffler which has a noise less metallic
  • It does not discharge no longer the fumes into the conveyor.


Areas of Use -

  • Harvesting Chestnuts,
  • Hazelnuts,
  • Walnuts,
  • Olives,
  • Pistachios,
  • Acorns,
  • Almonds and many other products.


Technical Features -

Engine Cifarelli C7, 2 - Stroke Engine
Displacement 77 cc
Maximum Power 3600 W (5 HP)
Fuel Tank 2 L
Usable Harvesting Tank 20 L 
Weight 15.9 Kg with pipes
Diameter of Suction Hose 75 mm
Packaging 53 x 45 x 84 cm


This product from new comes with a 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty carried out by Allpest Equipment Services
Prices in Euros available on Request

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