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Cifarelli M1200 Booster Pump

Cifarelli M1200 Booster Pump




The Booster Pump keeps constantly mixing the solution inside the liquid tank (for the products that need it). It increases the outlet pressure of the product and therefore the amount of liquid dispensed.


It allows to have a greater and more stable output pressure of the product, without a booster pump the product output from the liquid tank takes place by fall from gravity, so the flow rate varies a little if the tank is full or almost empty. With a booster pump installed this quantity is independent of the product present in the liquid tank. For this reason it is particularly recommended in the use of the ULV accessory and for people requiring a greater control of the flow of the liquid distributed.

In case you want to install the extension pipes, the PS pump is essential to get the product to the nozzle mounted on the last tube.


The filling pump is useful to fill the tank without removing the atomizer from the shoulders.


For potting and filling the pump of an M1200 model -

  1. Immerse the suction tube
  2. Position the diverter lever downwards
  3. With the engine idling, press the pump about 10 times
  4. Refer to the manual supplied with the kit for complete operation.


Technical Features -

Dimensions 29 x 18 x 11 cm
Weight 0.68 Kg


This product from new comes with a 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty carried out by Allpest Equipment Services
Prices in Euros available on Request

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