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Cifarelli L3A Recon

Cifarelli L3A Recon




Second Hand Information

This Second Hand Petrol Backpack Mist Blower has been reconditioned and is setup for liquid application. A powder convertion kit to spray granules, fertilisers, slug pellets etc is available on request. The wide spray jet seen in the image above comes with the machine for large treatment areas.


This Cifarelli L3A petrol driven backpack mist blower offers a powerful spray that can be used for disinfection purposes or as a Garden Sprayer. The controls can be adjusted and set without the need for tools and all accessories purchased can easily be fitted with the supplied tool kit.


This versatile backpack petrol machine suits both the professional and DIY operator, providing a fast and efficient treatment, especially useful for height with a 16m vertical application (trees, roof structures, silos, animal keeping, etc) and 18m horizontal application (orchards, landfill sites, pest / vector control, etc)


The Cifarelli L3A has:

  • 2 stroke, 77cc, 3.6kW Petrol Engine
  • allows large range treatments in less time
  • Micronized drops to get smooth protection
  • 17 l liquids tank capacity


Liquids (pesticides / weedkillers / disinfectants), granules (fertilizers / slug pellets) and powers can be applied with this machine using various accessories from the list below.



Optional Accessories for all models include:

  • Kit 3 Spreaders (spherical spreader, nozzle spreader, nozzle spreader double exit)
  • Spherical spreader double exit with dube
  • Kit pump PS (booster pump)
  • Kit pum PSR (booster and filling pump)
  • Kit for powders or granule materials
  • Kit for bees
  • ULV System


These mist blower accessories can be fitted before dispatch or separate convertion kits for ULV or booster pumps are also for sale sold separately.


About Cifarelli Mist blower Spraying Machines

Cifarelli has put its 40 years experience to create a consolidated product which achieved the prestigious prize of "Technical Innovation" EIMA 2012.


The effectiveness of this petrol driven backpack mist blower is guaranteed by the size of the drops dispensed and their micronization allows treatment at low volume (LV).


These machines have been proven to be very successful in the treatment of waste products and are currently used by many waste management companies. Trials with this machine have proved positive in applying the Diatomaceous earth powder product to poultry sheds.


General areas of use are -

  • Warehouse,
  • Agriculture (Grain Store),
  • Horticulture (Trees, Shrubs, Vineyard, Flower Fields),
  • Disinfection in Public Areas,
  • Food production plants,
  • Sewage Treatments,
  • Waste Recycling Centre,
  • Stadium (Arenas),
  • Supermarket Hot Spots


Technical Features -

Engine Cifarelli C7, 2 - Stroke Petrol Engine
Displacement 77 cc
Maximum Power 3600W (5 HP)
Air Volume 20 m³/min
Air Speed 125 m/s
Liquids Tank Capacity 17 L
Liquids Outflow 0 - 3.6 L/min
Maximum Horizontal Range 17 m
Maximum Vertical Range 15 m
Average Drop Size 120 μm
Fuel Tank 1.9 L
Weight 11.3 Kg with pipes
Packaging 74 x 49 x 38 cm


This product from new comes with a 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty carried out by Allpest Equipment Services
Prices in Euros available on Request

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