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Cifarelli Ewind

Cifarelli Ewind

SKU: 100300



It is environmentally friendly with no impact on people and the environment due to the absence of exhaust gases. A simple battery operation simplifies assembly and use of the machine compared to motorised equipment.


It is silent and ideal for working safely in all areas sensitive to noise pollution with a working autonomy to ensure continuous work up to 30 minutes (5ah battery) at maximum speed and up to 90 minutes at minimum speed, for non-stop operation. Being ergonomic, your arm won’t get tired with this lightweight, balanced appliance thanks to the backward position of its handle.


There is no limit of movement with no power supply cables which will make it possible for you to operate without constraints, in full freedom of movement. The outgoing air speed regulator allows it to be adapted to different working situations and the battery is equipped with an indicator light to check the remaining charge. The Ewind comes with a battery charger included.


Technical Features -

Voltage 40 V
Power 620 W
Weight 3.3 Kg
RPM min/max 10600/15900
Air Flow 554 m³/h
Maximum Air Speed 39.5 m/s
Sound Pressure 83.2 dB
Uncertainty 1.2 dB
Measured Sound Power Level 94.7 dB
Uncertainty  1.9 dB
Guaranteed Sound Level 97 dB
Vibration Level Average at the handle < 2.5m/s²
Uncertainty 1.0m/s²


This product from new comes with a 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty carried out by Allpest Equipment Services
Prices in Euros available on Request

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