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Cifarelli Elivo

Cifarelli Elivo




Lightweight and reliable, it is the ideal tool for small extensions and to assist harvesting with the engine-operated shaker. It is available in several versions, to optimise harvesting times and effectiveness according to the type of plant.


The Elivo is a professional machine designed in every detail to work well and for a long time:

  • 800W brushless engine for long life
  • carbon fibre rod for maximum stiffness and lightness
  • highly resistant and easy-to-replace carbon fibre rods
  • electronic movement control
  • highly resistant gears made of cemented steel
  • option of using both lithium batteries and 12V automotive batteries without adapter.


The Elivo olive harvesters can operate directly, without any converter, with automotive batteries. In this case, it is recommended to use a fully charged 70 ampere battery.


SBL52 Lithium Battery (Backpack Battery)

The Elivo Cifarelli lithium battery offers great reliability and, when fully charged, exceeds 8 hours of continuous operation without any significant loss of performance.

  • 52 Ah
  • 655 Wh energy
  • Voltage 12 V
  • lasts up to 10 hours
  • 8 kg
  • ergonomic backpack
  • ABS protection


Technical Features -

Power Source Electric (Brushless)
Power 800 W - 12 V
Oscillation Movement

Opposing (SB100 Series)

Parallel (SB200 Series)


Fixed (Model SB100 F1)

Telescopic (Model SB100 T2)

Telescopic Long (Model SB100 L2)

Fixed (Model SB200 F2)

Telescopic (Model SB200 T2)


2.2 Kg (Model SB100 F1)

2.6 Kg (Model SB100 T2)

3.0 Kg (Model SB100 L2)

2.2 Kg (Model SB200 F2)

2.6 Kg (Model SB200 T2)

Machine Length (Without Extension)

2.05 m (Model SB100 F1)

1.98 m - 2.49 m (Model SB100 T2)

2.35 m - 3.15 m (Model SB100 L2)

2.05 m (Model SB200 F2)

1.98 m - 2.49 m (Model SB200 T2)


Included (Model SB100 F1)

Optional (Model SB100 T2)

Optional (Model SB100 L2)

Included (Model SB200 F2)

Optional (Model SB200 T2)


This product from new comes with a 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty carried out by Allpest Equipment Services
Prices in Euros available on Request

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