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BL1200 Powerblowers

BL1200 Powerblowers


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Technical features

Engine Cifarelli C7 Single-cylinder, two-stroke, air cooled
Displacement 77 cc
Power 3,6 kW (5HP)
Fuel tank 2,3 L
Air speed 106 m/sec
Air volume 27 m³/min
Weight when empty without pipes Kg 10,22
Noise Acoustic pressure level Lpa = dB 103 + 4 (Kpa) 
Noise at 15 mt (max. power) Acoustic pressure level 15 mt = 78 dB(A)
Noise at 15 mt (min. power) Acoustic pressure level 15 mt = 54,5 dB(A)
Vibrations (EN ISO 20643) awh = 2,11 m/s2
Packaging Carton box cm 64 x 46 x 36

BL1200 Table


The power of the BL1200 jet allows you to remove leaves, grass or other material from large areas, working efficiently even with large amounts of leaves and when the ground is wet.

It can also be used to remove fresh snow from plants and paths.

In agriculture the BL1200 is used to pick olives and shell fruit such as chestnuts or hazelnuts, to pile up the product fallen from the plant and remove leaves from the nets.

It is also appreciated by beekeepers, who use it to remove bees from the hives during honey extraction.


Ergonomics is a key factor for machines that are carried on the shoulder and, like all our products, the BL1200 has been carefully designed in this respect:

  • lightweight;
  • very low vibrations;
  • optimal distribution of the weight of the machine on the shoulders;
  • control handle that can be adjusted without tools to work comfortably in any situation;
  • curved backrest with wide and soft cushion;
  • system for fastening and positioning the shoulder straps designed to reduce operator fatigue;
  • silencer and fan designed for better acoustic comfort;
  • telescopic hose that can easily be adjusted in length, which adapts to different work requirements and to the operator's height.


The BL1200 is a machine designed for professional use and therefore guarantees high reliability and durability:

  • the professional carburettor is suitable for intensive use;
  • the large air intake filter ensures excellent performance even in dusty environments;
  • the nylon fuel tank is impact-resistant and fuel-proof.

To make maintenance easier under any condition, the BL1200 has a simplified disassembly layout and the head of the bolts is unified; this way, almost all the components can be dismantled with a single spanner.

We make it entirely in Italy and can thus guarantee the constant availability of spare parts.

Two versions


It offers an optimised volume/speed ratio to extend the range of use.


Equipped with larger outlet pipes, this version offers a very high volume, ideal when working with large leaves on large surfaces.

The terminal kit is supplied with the BL1200V:

  • rectangular terminal
  • round terminal

Both terminals of the kit allow you to lean on the ground and to direct the flow of air better.

In particular, the round terminal must be used when there are difficulties in moving the leaves due, for example, to wet soil.

Two terminals are supplied together with the machine:

 Pipe Ends

 These units are powered by the Cifarelli C7 engine, and the BL1200 power blower development has resulted in uprated power plus an increase in air volume.

Two adaptors are supplied with each machine for wet and dry conditions.

Areas of use:- parks, pavements, stadiums, golf courses etc.

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