Sole Authorised Distributor for Swingtec and Cifarelli Products in the UK and Ireland

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    Sales, Warranty, Service, Complete Aftercare. On-site Service/Demonstrations/Training offered. All types of equipment serviced/repaired.
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    Swingtec Cifarelli Micron
    Allpest Equipment Services is the sole authorised distributor for Swingtec and Cifarelli products in the UK and Ireland. Thermal and cold foggers from Swingtec and Mistblowers, Powerblowers and Harvesting Machinery from Cifarelli are the highest quality professional products on the market today and are used for a wide range of applications. Liquids, Powders, Granules, Fertilizers, Slug pellets etc.
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    Maintenance / Contracting PA1/PA9 Qualified
    We offer service, repairs, general maintenance, fault finding, pressure testing, calibration and certification to meet all your requirements. We stock equipment and a range of spares,and will source any parts for fogging equipment available on the market today. Service contracts together with on-site maintenance work undertaken. Authorised NSTS test centre for all fogging equipment.
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    Allpest Equipment Services are located in the centre of the UK, close to the motorway network. We can deliver both in the UK and overseas.

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Introducing Allpest Equipment Services

Introducing Allpest Equipment Services

Allpest has been in business since 1997, specialising in the sales and maintenance of professional thermal fogging equipment, ulv foggers and misters, cold water foggers and blowers.  

We are the authorised distributor for Swingtec and Cifarelli products in the UK and Ireland and pride ourselves in providing  the best-quality products and personal service.

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Introducing Swingtec

Introducing Swingtec

Swingfog, Fontan and Aquamobil are all brands of the German Company Swingtec.  Swingtec has been making foggers since the 1940's.

Products include;

  • Thermal Foggers
  • ULV Cold Foggers (fuel and electrical)
  • Emergency Water pumps and heaters 

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Introducing Cifarelli

Introducing Cifarelli

Since 1967 Cifarelli Spa has been manufacturing professional machines in Italy.  Their specialisation are backpack machines with two-stroke engine, light, powerful and durable.

 Products include:

  • Backback mist blowers
  • Shakers for Olive harvesting
  • Powerful blowers for agriculture and silent blowers for gardening and city cleaning
  • Vacuums to harvest chestnuts and hazelnuts


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